Cheese 101

Prior to this life, there was a time I worked for a Gourmet Food Distributor doing sales.  This is where I actually learned about my love for all things Cheese!  I’ve continued on with learning about different types of cheeses, melt points and cheese pulls.  Some go great with sweet others better if we stay savory.


As we finalized the menu, I couldn’t help but think how hard it is to actually pick a few items to offer you all.  A classic of course, add some bacon, maybe toss in some mashed potatoes? I mean the possibilities are endless.  This partially is a reason why I chose grilled cheese sandwiches.  I look forward to being able to serve up a variety of the traditional sandwiches we all love while also adapting the menu to showcase a variety of options!  We’re heading out to do a 1st Birthday Party this December, and as you can imagine the kids want the traditional! ( OK we’re adding Bacon as an option) The adults are opting for pulled pork, with Manchego and cheddar topped with pickled jalapeno.  (a real crowd pleaser)

We can’t wait to meet all of you this Spring when we hit the ground running! If you’re having a party and would like to add this to your spread, give us a call!

Thanks for reading!





Menu testing is the best testing!



We’ve been busy! Testing menus ideas, sourcing product and finding the perfect cheese to bread ratio.  Is there such a thing as too much cheese?  I mean really… I have yet to find the answer….

The focus and passion behind Grillz is taking a traditional favorite and elevating it with fresh and local ingredients. This ain’t your typical supermarket bread.  Crusty, thick and delicious.
Here are some of the sandwhiches we’ve fell in love with (and our taste testers too!).

The original… need I say more?

I mean Mac and cheese in between crusty fresh bread 😍

Sweet and tangy pulled  pork, manchego & cheddar cheese with pickled jalapeños

Pickles… we’ve got GrillzDills and some half sours too!

There are more, but easy.. brace yourself..spring is coming.

Thanks for stopping by, stay tuned because you’r gonna want to know where you can find Grillz come this spring !!  2018 here we come!

Griddle has arrived 

I am super happy to get this baby! You better believe I cooked up a storm. Seasoning and such in progress !!
The plan is to hit the farmers markets this spring. I will be posting where you can find us next year via our FaceBook or Instagram pages.  As we get the cheesy gooodness in your hands, we’ll be building the business and formulating the next step!

Thank you for all the support, messages and emails. I look forward to opening day!!

Menu testing continues, Farmers markets next up!

Finally perfected the Juggernaut!  Homemade bread, pulled pork, aged manchego cheese and cheddar, topped with pickled jalapenos.  What a perfect combination!



Some updates; we are going to be starting out at some local farmers markets and marketplaces to get the word out, and for you to try some amazing grilled cheeses!  Please follow on Facebook and Instagram for updates to where we will be, and how you can score some food!



Pickles anyone?


What is a grilled cheese with out some pickles!?  Testing a brine or two here, slices or pickle chips, still to be decided.  I personally like the pickle chips, BUT it’s not about me!

These were sliced and tossed in the pickle on Sunday so they should be ready to go! Dill, Garlic, Red pepper flakes and that’s it!



After some trial and tribulations I have made the perfect loaf of bread!  Crusty and thick, this baby holds up to all the cheese that will be wedged in between.

Next step, finding a local bakery that can scale up this recipe for me!